"Liberty Does Not Have a Price". Lawsuit After Police Denied an Interpreter

An article written by Bob Egelko, titled "SF woman settles lawsuit for 2014 arrest after police deny her a translator", (insert correction here: she was denied an interpreter, not a translator. Sorry, I simply couldn't let that one go), provides a great example of the terrible consequences that can take place when an interpreter is denied to someone. 

Imagine that you are in a country where you don't speak the official language. Someone accuses you of committing a crime you did not commit and the police come to see you. You don't understand what you are being accused of and you are actually trying to communicate but you cannot seem to get anywhere. Suddenly, you are on handcuffs, sitting in a police car on your way to jail! Many more things happened after that. In this case, this woman was separated from her children for a month. Just imagine how horrible and desperate this woman must have felt. 

The sad part is that this could have been easily avoided by calling an interpreter. That is all. Someone to help police officers communicate and avoid any unnecessary arrests, steps, or even letting the real bad guy out on the streets! 

As the victim on this case, Dora Mejia, stated herself (of course, through an interpreter), "Liberty does not have a price". We agree. 



Veronica Diquez