From Ewandro Magalhaes: How Simultaneous Interpretation Works

If you've ever been in a setting that requires simultaneous interpreting, like a conference or a court room, then you have been in the presence of simultaneous interpreters.

There is simply not enough information out there to really educate others on how this type of interpretation works, how interpreters get trained and prepared and how they work together in teams. It is very important to educate yourself on this matter if you currently use this service, whether you are the speaker or the audience. 

Ewandro Magalhaes, a Former Chief Interpreter and United Nations Staff, has created a great short video "How Simultaneous Interpretation Works", that truly explains the most important aspects of simultaneous interpreting. 

We urge you to watch this video so that you can understand better how you can use this service to your advantage. 

Enjoy! Let us know what you thought of the video and what other comments you would like to add.