How Can your Company Benefit from Interpreting or Translating Services?

If your company has an international audience; if you meet with customers that do not speak your language; if your services are offered to an international community, you can definitely benefit from interpreting and/or translating services

If you target your marketing collateral and your advertising in English only, for example, the international population living in your target area will not respond to it as effectively as desired. Think about it for a second: let’s say you speak a little bit of Portuguese, and you move to Brazil for a year on a job assignment. After a few months, you really start to miss home. You happen to be searching the web for the best hotel in a tourist area near you to take your wife as she visits you. You start reading some sites in Portuguese and, even though you speak it, you only understand about 80% of what you are reading. Suddenly, an English tab is available on a hotel website. You click on it and start reading all of the wonderful things that such hotel has to offer…and you feel a little bit at home since they are speaking your language! Guess which hotel will feel more special to you? You got it! The one that took the time to localize their website to an international audience, in a different language than their home language, using terms the reader speaks at home. Booking a hotel has never felt better! This, ladies and gentlemen, is localization.

Now, let’s talk about a completely different scenario. You are a lawyer and one of your contacts has referred a new client to represent in a very important and complicated case, one that can really help you in your career. There is one small problem: your new client does not speak English, and you do not speak Spanish. You have your first appointment to gather all of the crucial information you need from this person and they come with their cousin, who speaks English. However, the answers you are getting do not really align with the questions you are asking, and not having the right information here can make or brake your case. Your amazing assistant suggests that you hire an interpreter, someone that is certified, trained to understand legal terminology and procedures in two languages. Your new client comes back, and you ask the same exact questions asked while his cousin was helping him interpret. However, now the answers happen to be much more informative, accurate, they start to make sense and they are exactly what you were asking for. You notice that your new client is now understanding what you are telling him, which is crucial information about the case, the consequences of the judicial actions, what to say, what to do and what not to do, etc. An interpreter has given you a voice in a different language. This is your voice, at the same level of professionalism that you speak and with the same knowledge of terminology. This is interpreting.

We could mention hundreds of scenarios as examples of the significant benefits of hiring a qualified language service provider. Whatever your company does, or whichever services you offer, if you have an audience that speaks more than one language, your level of reach will depend on how you handle your communications in other languages. This applies to so many cases, from marketing collateral to a private consultation with a client.

If you want one of the most important pieces of advice about hiring a language service provider, here it is: cheap will cost you more in the long term. Please, make sure you hire a qualified, professional and experienced company for these services. There have been many lawsuits for bad translations and interpretations, like a  $3million suit due to an interpreting gone wrong during a 911 call.