Lingua Duo Card


We are not here to brag…well, we are. However, we don’t brag about how wonderful and prepared we are, we brag about the results we bring to you, our customers! We are not going to lie, that is the best feeling of accomplishment we can ever hope for. Your results are what we strive for!

Our Duo consists of providing and specializing in two core services: Interpreting and Translating.

What this means for you is that you can rest assure we will go above and beyond to provide a level of service that will exceed your expectations. This is how we treat you, our clients, because our goal is to form a partnership, to understand how your business works and personalize our services to fit your needs.

In summary, our team is comprised of only experienced, trained and prepared professionals. We do not take risks on hiring the wrong people as we are well aware that this would have a negative effect. We hire the best, because your company certainly deserves the best.  


Veronica Diquez - President and Founder


We offer over 14 years of experience. We are not only certified, trained and experienced translators and interpreters ourselves, we also have experience managing interpreting services for international events, teaching and training others  in our profession and rating exams and graduation projects.

Get to Know the Founder:

Veronica Diquez is a master level court certified interpreter, in civil, criminal and immigration court. She holds a certificate in the same field. Over the last year, she has interpreted nationwide! She is constantly registering for seminars and learning new tactics in order to improve her skills and, therefore, improve Lingua Duo’s services for you. As she stated, “I love this profession because I will always be able to continue learning, growing and improving”. Veronica also works as a translator. She specializes in judicial, retail and legal translations. We know, she is definitely a multitasker!

She was also elected as the Vice President of the Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters (CATI), where she will be working with a great team in order to improve this profession for our clients and our professionals.


We always had a true passion for interpreting and translating, and we look for ways to improve our services and ourselves for your benefit.  

In all honesty, we’ve been there done that. We know what it takes to provide the upmost best service in our industry. Therefore, we know how to hire our interpreters and translators in order to accomplish excellence. You can certainly trust our expertise. 

We have provided services for:

  • Projects involving at least 12 languages

  • Projects involving hiring over 100 interpreters and translators

  • Projects where we have managed the interpreters, planning, equipment and logistics

As freelancers, we have provided our individual services for 300+ conferences. In addition to this, we have been selected for several international projects in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

We are members of: